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Digital Marketing

Deasy Penner Podley Real Estate Marketing Efforts in the Time of Social Distancing

Please know that we remain steadfast in our mission to support you during this crisis, and will be maintaining safer, more direct and efficient modes of communicating with you.

Video/Live Stream Conferencing

To keep our clients safe, we are actively using virtual meetings and 3D Matterport tours, as well as FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom and various mobile messaging apps.

E-mail Marketing

Employing over 100 databases, our email marketing zeros in on a diverse array of target audiences–brokers, agents and individual buyers – with remarkable specificity.

Social Media Marketing

Our dedicated in-house social media team specializes in promoting properties with engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as our own blog.

Digital Flyer

In an effort to reduce transmission, traditional flyers and brochures will now be offered in a digital flip book format. These flip books can in turn, be distributed across all digital platforms - email, text, social media, etc.

Electronic Signatures

By using DocuSign, our goal is to keep you from having to travel outside of your home to deliver and/or complete documentation.

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